Product Development

Mechatronic Engineering

NDP Management 
& Technical Consultancy

We help you to develop innovative products in less time.

Mequonic is a specialized team that provides services for product engineering and product life cycle management.


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Automatic systems – Motor Control – Mechanisms – Wireless communications – M2M communications – Apps and HMI design

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Discover our applications and projects for various industries.

We have experience in automated access systems, electrical equipment, industrial machinery, railway equipment, consumer goods and other areas.


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We manage design, development and engineering with an integrated approach.

We can offer a comprehensive service from idea generation to market launch, including product development and selection of production means.

Since we thoroughly know the whole process, we can anticipate what it will occur.

We believe product design must focus on customer needs above all other criteria.

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We develop innovative products integrating new technologies.


Right from the concept, electronics and mechanics are conceived as an integrated whole. We have been uniting mechanics, hardware and software for years.

We bring mobile devices to the industrial world, increasing the value of the product.

We also develop integration projects providing a turnkey service.

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Optimize your processes to reduce your time-to-market.


We offer you an extensive know-how and a robust methodology on new product development, which is being widely tested and improved over the years.


In theory all models work, but we deal with reality, always customizing our approach to each project and corporate environment.

We also offer technical consultancy in technology, regulations and certifications.


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We have different kinds of customers. Please contact us if, for instance:

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You are a manufacturing company who wants to make more innovative products to add more value to grow.


You are an industrial design team who needs to deliver a turnkey project.


You are an entrepreneur with an idea for a product who requires collaboration to bring it to reality.

You are a company with your own product who would like to shorten the development time of new products.