Mequonic is an Engineering & Consultancy company specialized in Innovation, and Product Development services in sectors like




We have an important know-how in technological systems for smart mobility management, such as electronic tolling based on mobile devices in systems with barrier and free flow type.

We have also developed our own technologies like BLEiD® system for access control and frictionless payment in applications such as parking.



We have an extensive experience in development of technological elements for buildings, such as automatic doors, access controls, material for electrical installation and building automation devices.

We are also pioneers in the study and analysis of the energy efficiency of doors and fenestration systems.



We apply our know-how in the industry in general, in sectors such as electronic manufacturing and biomedicine. We provide our capacity for innovation and ability to integrate technologies for the development of new products and equipment for Industry 4.0.


Our multidisciplinary knowledge integrates three disciplines


Mechanical Engineering

We are experts is Mechanism design, Electromechanics and Plastic Injection parts development.

We conceive Mechanics and Electronics in an integrated way. It is what is known as Mechatronic Engineering.

Electronic Engineering

We are experts in Microprocessor based design, Wireless Communications, IoT and Motion Control, including Hardware and Firmware.

Among other technologies, we are pioneers in Bluetooth® industrial applications, with specific proprietary solutions.

We also integrate all this knowledge in specific connectivity solutions.


Software Engineering

We are experts in developments for IoT, Webservers and Apps, as well as Algorithm design.

We integrate embedded software with user applications, including cloud systems.

We work in multiple environments, always using the right tool for each application.

We provide services in three main areas



Technological Innovation

we search for new solutions, we bring new approaches.

Right from our integrated approach of mechanics, electronics and software, we develop innovative products including new technologies.

We bring mobile devices to the industrial world, increasing the value of the product.

With Agile philosophy and our LAB, we bring new ideas into reality very fast.


Product Development

We manage design, development and industrialization with an integrated approach.

Since we thoroughly know the whole process, we can anticipate what it will occur. A product is more than a prototype that seems to work.

We help our customers in all phases from idea generation and prototyping to industrialization, even including series production management.

In project management, we make compatible the quality of the result and the reduction of time-to-market.


Technical Consulting


We help the organizations to acieve their goals providing our know-how.

We offer consulting in the technologies where we have expertise, as well as in areas such as regulations and certifications.

Besides that, we provide our experience in R&D management methodology.

We also elaborate multimedia technical material and training courses.


Mequonic LAB


In the laboratory we experiment and convert innovative ideas into tangible results.

We are able to build software prototypes and proofs of concept in short terms as well as physical ones using free hardware, 3D printing and other rapid prototyping tecnologies. Touching and experiencing helps to take the right decisions.

If you have innovative ideas and you do not know how to materilaize them, we can help you to make them real.


Production Services


As an extension of our product development services, we can supply finished products with our partner network, both prototypes and special devices as well as production series.


Some collaboration examples with our clients


Significant samples of work done in the areas of technological innovation, product development and consulting:




Learn how we contribute to revolutionize the user experience on toll roads

JCM-Tech F30

Learn how we promote the evolution of the new generation of industrial access controls



Learn how the details make the difference in the new connectivity systems for work places


Learn how we help to optimize medical diagnostic devices testing

EDSF Energy Label

Learn how we help the European automatic doors sector to make more sustainable products

JBC Tools

Learn how we collaborate to improve user interface systems in professional solder and desolder tools

Some companies we are collaborating with